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Interior Designing


If you have a vision, Jerry will bring it to life. From buying and selling, to marketing
and mentorship, he will help you succeed in every facet of the real estate business.
Because Jerry only has one goal: yours.

About Jerry

Real estate has always been Jerry's passion and, as a native of the East Bay, he is familiar with Bay Area neighborhoods, current housing trends, local contractors and many city ordinances. As a real estate professional who got his start during the housing downturn of the Great Recession, Jerry recognizes investment opportunities and value, offering that invaluable knowledge to his clients, both buyers and sellers. Having navigated multiple types of transactions, Jerry understands that the Bay Area real estate market can be challenging. Jerry's experiences in the downturn taught him to be creative on behalf of his clients, and he knows the importance of knowing how to close transactions using the negotiating process.


Knowing that every town and neighborhood is unique, Jerry prides himself on matching his buyer clients to the right home, and in the right location. And just as every real estate transaction is unique, so are the needs and desires of each client. Jerry listens carefully to a client's requirements and needs and works closely with them throughout the entire home buying process.


Jerry's sellers know that he understands the importance of marketing in the sales process, and he works with his clients to create a cutting edge marketing plan that utilizes the very latest in digital and social media platforms. Well versed in the complex area of short sales, Jerry will help a client navigate the foreclosure process from beginning to end in order to capture the most value from the sale to the client.

Jerry played basketball for Whitworth University in Spokane, Washington, and earned a BA in Business Accounting. Learning to balance athletics with academics taught him the value of hard work and perseverance, two attributes that his clients value today. In his free time, Jerry competes in international Jiu-Jitsu tournaments, and one day would like to conquer the StairMaster!


For Jerry Beverly, the real estate status quo is just another expectation to exceed. That motivation runs deep: his steps carve a path for the next generation. In every interaction he demonstrates the importance of authenticity and expertise, allowing him to hone in on his clients’ needs with a totally fresh perspective. Meaningful solutions come from meaningful experiences, and Jerry is ready to deliver.

Interior Designing

Focused Tenacity

When it comes to clients there is only one goal: their’s. And every calculated step toward reaching those goals is bolstered by Jerry’s unflinching momentum and razor-sharp intuition. Settling is never an option.

Adaptable Expertise

This is a business of finding comfort in constant change. Staying ahead of trends and harnessing state-of-the-art technologies allows Jerry to solve for every unique situation. This is about showing up with the answers before the questions are even asked. It’s a commitment to matching client needs with expertise. Every time.

Interior Designing

Bold Spirit

Like a Calder sculpture in a Victorian home, Jerry is a shockwave. Reverberating a fresh perspective that matches the energy of cultural and marketplace shifts. He sees that an authentic experience is as important as a luxurious one, and will always deliver both.

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